Self-publishing, not to be confused with vanity publishing, has boomed over the last decade. Last year, as per The Guardian, UK saw a growth of 79%, U.S., 81 %, as self-publishing has been rising in other parts of the world constantly. The  do-it-yourself model has been gaining respect and reputation, globally.

Yet, the readers are turned off reading the sample pages. Reason: Poor Editing, Lack of focus or the missing voice of the characters.

The top 2 reason of growing sales of a book as per entrepreneur.com, a premier website, is lack of editing. “Readers notice when your book isn’t edited. They will leave negative reviews about the grammar. That affects your book sales because reviews are the first thing a book buyer looks at.”

Here is where we step in. We treat your manuscript with care and make suggestions on the level of editing it requires. Be it Proof reading, Copy editing, Line editing, or Substantiate editing.

We charge between 100 rupees to 500 rupees per A4 sheet (12 size, double spaced, Times New Roman font) depending on the editing it requires.

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