Voices of the Silent Creek by Vikkas Arun Pareek

voices 22 septShanti is married in a prominent family but her life will never be the same for a life thrusted on her for honor of the family. She accepts her life but will she let the same fate unfold for her younger sister? Bhano discovers the horrors of her sister’s life. Will she be able bring justice to her sister’s life and her sacrifices? Arti finds herself strangled with choices. Will she risk her life and her family’s life to help Bhano get justice or leave her helpless? The story of set in rural India takes us through unimaginable yet common atrocities which a woman faces in today’s society. Will they fail to survive? Will they emerge stronger battling the troubles?

Vikkas Arun Pareek is working for a major Indian IT company and is based in London. Voices of the Silent Creek is his first self published book. He has a passion of writing and is venturing into a vast and respected arena of expressing and writing books.


The book is available at Amazon.in | Flipkart

Kindle Edition: Amazon.com

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