Translation: Explorations and the Significance of Editing by Aparajita Dutta

Translation–What does this very word remind you of when you hear it? Converting expressions of one language into another? Perhaps, this is the basic idea which is present in all of us. But, dealing with translation, one will be astounded to see so many elements linked with it. Translation is not just about conversion; it’s about expression, a self discovery, an act which creates new spaces, connects and creates languages and cultures; it’s all about discovering the word, the language, the culture, the society and the politics. The myth of the Tower of Babel goes like this … there is ...Read More

Maya and Gran

Have you met Maya, the author and Gran yet?

The Importance of Editing

Has this happened to you? You have completed your manuscript and read it over and over. As a matter of fact, you have checked for errors and believe it is clear and without mistake. You have sent it to the publisher who has given it to the editor, but upon its return you can’t believe your eyes. There are red pen marks all over you pages. The editor has pointed out spelling errors, run-on sentences, choppy sentences, needed or not needed punctuation marks, misused words etc.Perhaps the editor has even requested that you re-write particular paragraphs or pages in accordance ...Read More

Book Editing?

This initiative is for all the serious and interested writers who love their readers. Yes, if you love your readers, then you wouldn’t let your book get published, unedited. Editing is a labor of love and we love going through manuscripts, reading sentence by sentence and assisting in editing, printing and distribution at low costs.   All the cartoons featured are taken from various sites.